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    Creating Maps where image grid matches the battle Grid (Matching Squares)

    This is probably nothing new to most GM's but it took me hours to figure this out and find a free way to do this.

    Just follow the steps:

    1 Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat reader touch (this is the PDF reader version i had at time of writing)
    2 Left click on image to highlight it(image goes blue) then right click and copy(little text box shows)
    3 Paste in Paint 3D
    4 Crop to Fit the Squares it is important to remove any partial squares around the edge of the map(cropping tool allows you to zoom in and be super accurate)
    5 Count the number of Squares in the Width and Length ( ie 24 x 30 for Statue street in 1.01) Then double check and recount
    6 Select canvas on top bar, then on the right hand side there is an option Resize image with Canvas, tick this box.
    7 Chose a size in pixels for each Square (the more pixels per square the bigger an image will be in FG) and multiply that amount by the number of squares. So for my 24 x 30 map I choose 30 pixels a square giving me a width of 720 and a Height of 900
    8 Input the new values into the Resized Cavas option and save
    9 load the new map into FG and add layer set Grid and draw a pixel square matching your choice in step 7 (so 30 for me) use the arrows to match it up and all should be good. (check edge squares with an npc token if the grid isnt set properly one edge of the map might not allow tokens.

    Creating the map from the PDF took me 5 minutes learning how to do it took 10 hours hopefully other new GM's can avoid this hassle.

    Ps this also removes all the GM marks on the PDF maps because T on squares and stars on statues arent exactly hiding anything.

    Final result
    Capture of final map.JPG
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    This is generic to FG. Please post things like this in the Tavern forum not the Pathfinder 2 forum. Thanks.
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