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    Varying INIT bonus?

    Is there a way I can add a die to an INIT roll? For example a feat that gave a 1d4 bonus to INIT.

    I see that I can add a flat modifier but can't add a die to that field. I would also be fine with something on the macro bar if that's the way this needs to work.

    Any help is appreciated!


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    You can add a dice to INIT. INIT: 1d4 will add a d4 to your initiative roll.
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    And that would simply be an effect that I would apply to the character in the combat tracker and have it kick in when I trigger PC initiatives? There's no way to actually 'see' that roll in the chat log correct? Or a way for the PC to actually trigger that roll himself in order to lend some agency?

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    Just saw that once the effect is in place on the combat tracker, it automatically adjusts the INIT on the first page of the character sheet when the INIT field is double clicked - AND shows the DIE! This is perfect thank you!

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