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    Experienced Pathfinder Group Looking for New Player

    Hello, prospective adventurers and swashbuckling denizens of the internet!

    I lead a small group of tabletop gamers who have been together for a few years now (since we met at university; we're all mid-20s), and recently, a couple of our members have had to withdraw due to work/time commitments, leaving us with only 4 people. As a result, we've frequently had to cancel sessions due to one or other person being unavailable, as we need a minimum of 1 GM and 3 players. Thus, we've decided to start looking for somebody who could bring the numbers back up to 5. As none of us know anybody suitable ourselves, we've decided to extend the search online:

    Game System: Pathfinder 1E
    Time Zone: UK (BST).
    Day of week and time: 7-11 PM on Sundays or Saturdays (usually Sundays, but varies based on player availability, etc. We don't expect people to be available EVERY weekend, don't worry!).
    Text or Voice: Voice; we use a group Discord while running our games on Roll20.
    Voice software used: Discord, as above.
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No. We did once dabble in recording, and might do so again at some stage, but very unlikely to be soon and it certainly isn't our norm.
    Roleplay & Combat mix: Depends on the adventure, but usually a bit more combat-oriented than RP, as none of us are actors and we don't expect people to get really into RP-ing.
    Number of Players in game & needed: We have 5 people (including 1 GM), but 1 is often unavailable, so our core group is really 4, and we're looking for 1 new person.

    We're not looking for players for a particular game, as our group tends to run various short-form campaigns and adventures (ranging from one-shots to months-long), but rather just somebody to join the group. We're all experienced Pathfinder players (and 3.5 D&D before that), so we'd prefer people who aren't total beginners. That said, while we may be experienced, we're not uber-competitive, and while we do take care to follow the written rules, we're not 'rules lawyers'. We can also be quite experimental when it comes to our adventures, particularly when it comes to genre and theme (we make all of our own adventures, we don't use pre-published ones). For instance, our most recent adventure cast the players as security guards on a Victorian-era funeral train, while an upcoming game may cast the players as members of a Norse clan seeking land to settle in a world with no fantasy or magic elements (and plenty of optional rules and homebrew classes to make up for it). Among all sorts of other things, we've also run PvP-style tournaments inspired by the Fate anime and Lovecraftian investigative adventures. I'm a professional journalist with a Creative Writing academic background, and another of our players does amateur game publishing as a hobby, so we tend to put a lot of effort into our worlds and stories!

    So, if you think you might be interested, please do reach out!
    Ideally, as I said, we're looking for somebody who's not a total amateur, but for us, it's more important that a player be keen, friendly, and willing to engage with a story than be a rules expert! (Oh, and as mentioned above, our group are all mid-20s, so people of a similar age would be best)

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    this is a roll20 group??

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    We use Roll20, yes, and also use Discord for voice chat during games, as it's better quality than the in-built Roll20 voice chat.

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    your not allowed to advertise for other platforms on these forums.

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    Where does it say that in the forum rules? I can't seem to find anything about that written down.

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    I don't know if it's written down in any forum rules or not. But, basically, these forums are for the Fantasy Grounds VTT. roll20 is a direct competitor of Fantasy Grounds. It's considered bad form to advertise games on a VTTs forum for a competitive platform. Just like advertising Fantasy Grounds games on the roll20 forums wouldn't be allowed. We're pretty open with discussing different VTTs on these forums, we don't take down posts discussing roll20, D20Pro, etc. but we do frown upon users of other VTTs coming to these forums to advertise their competitive product games. I don't think this is unreasonable and I hope you understand. Thanks!
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