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    LFG (DM really) 3 Players Sunday 3:00PM-6:00PM EST

    FG License: Free
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly Sunday at 3:00PM-6:00PM (Negotiable)
    Voice: We have used Discord, currently using Facebook chat. Willing to try others, very flexible.

    Game System Preferred:
    D&D 5e
    Game System Experience: D&D 5e, 2 of as are newbies, 1 is experienced
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Very new

    Character Type Preferred:
    Open, currently we are a Path of Ancestral Guardians Gnome, a College of Swords Bard Tabaxi, and a Forge Cleric Dwarf
    About me: Sell yourself. Our group of 3 librarians, 2 on the East coast, 1 on the West coast, has been going strong meeting almost every Sunday since April.

    The thing is we have great/sad news. Our DM is going on to bigger and better things. He's got a new job starting in November that will take him across the globe, so he obviously will no longer be able to be our DM. It's an amazing opportunity for him and we're super happy, but that means..

    We will be without a DM in November. We've all spoke and we're fine with either continuing with these characters in a DM's new world or whatever or starting fresh again. But we'd love to continue to play together. We're also open to new players if DM and players are a bundle deal?

    Anyhow.. it's still a bit off. We're just beginning the feelers process cause we want the best synergy and relationship for everyone.

    Thank you so much!

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    Awesome. So my party and I looked at the idea and we're definitely interested. We'd just like to get more information about why it fell through. Can you tell us more?

    Also given the concept, we realize we'll probably have to roll new characters. We have some ideas like an Aarakocra and a Aasimar Artificer.. but we want to make sure those would work or if we'd have to rethink that as well?
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