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    ok, i'll take a good look at those and fix'em

    EDIT #1: Dominate was one of the few that i may have overlooked, looks like i started it and got off tracked with something else

    Veil: The skill bonus is for Deception and the Level Bonus is only for untrained characters.
    EDIT #2: "VEIL": It allows the target to ignore any circumstance penalties they might take for being disguised as dissimilar creatures, and it gives the targets a +4 status bonus to Deception checks to prevent others from seeing through their disguises, and add their level even if untrained.

    EDIT #3: The way I've interpreted it that the bonus is there for everyone, even the "Untrained" with the Deception Skill gets all those bonuses too.

    EDIT #4: "Veil" was missing some tags, added them in
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    Update #4: <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did some more Fixes

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    Update #5: <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did more clean ups and minor fixes of 1st-5th level

    EDIT #1: Will do the rest down the road.

    EDIT #2: Let me know if i have missed anything within those spell levels of 1st - 5th.
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    Update #6: <PFRPG2 Age of Ashes - AP3 Spell Effects> & <PFRPG2 Lost Omens Spell Effects> has been cleaned up, "Warrior's Transformation" been corrected to the form's proper level.

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    Last Update: 7/2/2020 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Have fixed some typos and some errors and added missing spells, added Spell NPCs (Optional, if you want to use them), updated the ref man with spell rules and information so you don't have to try to hunt it down in the CRB's Reference Manual and added a spell list for each tradition, a list for Focus Spells and Ritual Spells.

    EDIT: The module update is in the #1st post
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    Thanks for the work! I wonder how these differ from the "(SR) Drag N Drop for Pathfinder Second Edition" spell effects?

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    the spells are in the spell list, not from a PC sheet that would use up a lot of memory loading, and every single spell has been done from cantrips up to level 10

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    Since both modules offer spells in a spell list the main difference seems to be nomenclature and some sorting. I will have to compare some more to see if one offers something the other does not. Anyway, thanks for the work and for offering it to the community.

    One bug-report: Several spells are listed at the same spell level filter for all higher levels. Like Stoneskin 4-10 being all listed as S4 and Disintegrate 6-10 being all listed as S6.

    I also wonder why some spells are listed as spell level (Acid Arrow) while others are listed as caster levels (Acid Splash)?

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    the cantrips, focus and ritual spells heightens by character levels, spells goes by spell levels
    the reason for those heightened spells having the base level is to keep them organized instead of being all over the place, i feel if you make the heightened spells a different spell level, it would add more confusing for people that don't know the spells, it is simple to just drag that heightened spell into that spell slot level that was coded for.

    EDIT #1: Acid Splash is a Cantrip, it uses caster level, it heightens by character level; Acid Arrow is a Spell, it uses spell level, it heightens by spell slot level you learn that spell at.,

    EDIT #2: Trying to keep it simple, it's already complex enough as is
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