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    Pathfinder 2E Spell Effects

    I just finished these spell effects for Pathfinder 2nd Edition for Classic. The "Core Rulebook" spells and the "Lost Omens World Guide" spells and the "Age of Ashes - AP3" spells are coded and ready to drag and drop onto your PC/NPC sheet, have all spells from 1st-10th level and have all heightened spells done as well...that part was tedious as all hell.
    The "Core Rulebook" spells is a Massive List of spells.
    The "Lost Omens World Guide" spells and the "Age of Ashes - AP3" spells is a Small List of spells.
    no images or anything that i know of is copyrighted, just coded spells.
    The Heightened spells are just duplicates of the original spells, the original text in the spells are untouched, except some additional notes here and there and some clean up of text, the Heightened spells coded effects portion was done for the appropriate higher spell slot casting.
    The Module(s) has a page with Legends with Tags for a quick reference of what is what in the spells (Story Entry)
    The Modules contains a copy of the OGL in their own module.

    The Form spells are made separately for each form and for each level for the Heightened forms.

    The Summons list is my personal input, the summons list will be empty except assigned levels, wasn't sure putting links or names in there would go against OGL, so i left those out so you guys can add those in yourselves. (Story Entry)

    The "Chromatic Wall" spell has been cleaned up, it's base level was suppose to have Roll 1d4, only the first 4 colors, when Heightened it has the Roll 1d8, all of the walls plus the de-buff.

    The two spells i modified are not really modified just added info, the "Prismatic Wall" and the "Prismatic Sphere" spell still based from the original text, I based the Damage off of the "Prismatic Spray" spell and increasing its damage output by 10 per level beyond the "Prismatic Spray"s Base damage. (But doesn't really need the damage)

    Me Personally, it would make sense just have the level 7 "Prismatic Spray" spell, to be scalable, instead of having a separate spell that has the same Spell Effects...But, I didn't design the spells nor the ruleset.

    All in all, remember it's your game, do as you wish.....and enjoy.

    Here's a link to the Pathfinder 2E Community Modules:

    Here's a link to the Pathfinder 2E Community Extension:

    I'm open to your feedback and suggestions that can help improve this project
    Doesn't matter if the feedback is Negative or Positive, as long it's Constructive and helpful.

    I know this mod isn't perfect, nothing is ever perfect, there are always flaws, but I am fixing things as i go through them, just recently fixed things that was very noticedable

    These Modules works fine in Unity so far - If you find any issues with any of these modules in Unity, let me know.

    For damage and Heals (if any) for Cantrips, Focus Spells and Ritual Spells, just set the die increase as Odd CL. Some heighten Cantrips, Focus and Ritual Spells have a different setup on other effects, that would make some sense to have heightened copies of these spells. Or you can manually Trade out or Setup the effects yourself to fit your current CL.

    These modules was originally built before the CL increase feature in the effects was added.

    Updated: 9/21/19 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Minor Fixes and Typos
    Updated: 9/26/19 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Removal of Un-needed Links and some Fixes
    Updated: 9/30/19 = <PFRPG2 Age of Ashes - AP3 Spell Effects> has been added
    Updated: 9/30/19 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did some Fixes
    Updated: 10/5/19 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Did more clean ups and minor fixes of 1st-5th level
    Updated: 10/8/19 = <PFRPG2 Age of Ashes - AP3 Spell Effects> & <PFRPG2 Lost Omens Spell Effects> Did some Clean up of some spells, the "Warrior Transformation" been corrected, now the forms are at their proper level
    Updated: 7/2/2020 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Have fixed some typos and some errors and added missing spells, added Spell NPCs (Optional, if you want to use them), updated the ref man with spell rules and information so you don't have to try to hunt it down in the CRB's Reference Manual and added a spell list for each tradition, a list for Focus Spells and Ritual Spells. (BTW, i converted all Cantrips into level 0 instead of being level 1, so they can fall into the cantrip category when dropped onto the spell class.)
    Last Update: 7/12/2020 = <PFRPG2 Core Spell Effects> Have added missing heightened spells.

    NOTE: This Module was built in Classic. If used in Unity, the results MAY vary.
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    Thank you a bunch for these. I'm using them now in converting all the adventure paths I have. This will help a bunch!

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    This is outstanding! Some of your tagging is quite good, once I got the gist of it. Bravo!
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    BTW: If you don't mind suggestions or corrections, I have one for you

    For Abyssal Plague, that -2 save vs Abyssal Plague for 1 day (or until it's contracted) is set as a 1 day, status effect in your spell which will apply to all fortitude saves for the entire day. It's probably better to have it as a single use spell effect that is applied as needed (when there's another chance to acquire the disease).

    Edit: Oh, almost forgot. As you know the spell level when Abyssal Plague is cast, the EVIL damage should be set to 10 as a base.
    Ultimate License Owner since 2011 and FG GM since 2008
    Game Systems: 5E, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, RoleMaster, C&C, Pathfinder 2

    Home Page: ShadeRaven Sorceries (Blog, Fantasy & Campaign Stories, Cat Tales, and more)

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    ah, ok, i'll take a look at it

    Edit: @ShadeRaven: I updated Abyssal Plague, i may took my time, but some things can be overlooked in the drudgery of coding effects, there could be more that i could have overlooked.
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    First few cantrips my cleric was using

    Acid Splash is done as

    'ranged' 'INT' attack with fort save DC+5 half on success

    it should be

    'R spell' 'base' attack with no save.


    There is no stunned on failure only critical failure, it should be half damage on the basic will save. Damage value is not listed but that is the ruleset fault for not providing a base damage like it does base attack so it can get this from spell class.

    I like the effects flagging as it is useful for knowing when to apply the effect, but I take it further and put the spell name into the effect so whoever gets it applied remembers why they have this effect on them. I take this even further and make a separate effect for immunity as a reminder not to overuse that gets cleared using the rest counters - the trick is to put the PC name into this tag otherwise if someone else gives guidance it will say already on the tracker even though it tracks who it came from already.

    Guidance; <effects> with duration 1rd
    Guidance Immunity <PC>; with duration 1hr

    Tanglefoot is listed as Melee should be R Spell and it lacks SPEED: -10 circumstance; Escape is not a Fort DC to avoid the hit, it is a later attack check (optional Athletics/Acrobatics) to remove the condition. So I just add it as a reminder tag 'Escape DC ##'
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    did some of these spells when the M Spell and R Spell was removed and it was added back in later in the ruleset, so there will be some mixups, i will look into it

    EDIT #1: yea, the base damage is based off the classes spell casting ability

    EDIT #2: Let me know if there's any more lil hiccups that needs adressing
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    Bless has 'statsu' typo

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    also Produce Flame should be 'R Spell' or 'M Spell' (not sure why the spell is written as both since you can do spells in melee)

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    Ray of Frost needs SPEED: -10 status

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