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    Roadmap and XML rule-o-thumb

    Hey folks, I am done with the saving throw work I was last on and was about to go to next part when I was thinking: What IS the best (efficient, less doubling back/dead ends) way to "create" a new Ruleset?

    I did the general main tab with STR/etc, their details subsheet - the population of dependent stats, Classes and Races, Saving throws and subsheets (with class/race mod breakouts etc)
    Then I made the Saves rollable using proper target numbers and bonuses.
    Included all the onUpdates to keep all in sync as add classes/race.
    Added handling of dual and multiclassing calculations for saves and other abils. For Race. I added the ability to back out race changes and replace with another (since no dual-racing lol)

    Thinking, to start coding more actions/tests I might need "targets" - so should my next step be working on NPC/Monster XML layout? then what? Combat Tracker mods (thinking like in 2E maybe) etc?

    Or more generally - what general flowchart/workflow is used when creating a ruleset "from scratch" (which of course, really means for ME, starting inheriting inheriting from CoreRPG then adding stuff to it that I need - sometimes looking at 2E or 5E for ideas/code to borrow or borrow/simplify in my simpler ruleset.

    Secondly:I was thinking on the monsters xml. There are a few related things I brainstormed...I started thinking, imagine I had like AC, AC Type, Armor Word, Armor Eaten(OK - I am just messing about), but the thing is, if I DID have a GROUP of related concepts, is it better to include them each as a separate element under the npc root or to create an ac (for example) subroot to the npc and put them all under there. If I did this, the stuff would be closer to like items versus at the mercy of the alpha sort --- BUT if this caused each npc to have 2 and 3 deep entry nodes, does this hurt performance vs them all being one level below the root? If all things are equal, I'd go with organizing them but I don't want to hurt perf/memory if I did.

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    Broadly - Charsheet, NPCs then CT and finally PS.
    Try to keep the xml structure of NPCs the same as PCs - at least everywhere that has scripts that use those fields (all the combat stats for exammple).

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    Fantastic Damned! That’s what I thought might be the way since ... did much of the sheet and before expanded more I thought I’d need something to test against and hence npcs before coded more combat things.

    I’ll use that as a rule o thumb. Thanks.

    PS: What was the last thing you listed, PS (couldn’t resist) - was it “player spells”?

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    *smacks head*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsuuk View Post
    *smacks head*

    Thanks for asking. I didn't know either, but didn't bother asking.

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