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    Quote Originally Posted by dQnielk View Post
    Spaceship Combat question.

    Created encounter.

    Purple Line: Dragging from Spacecraft Battles window to Story, creates Spacecraft Battle: <title>. Clicking on link, produces the proper encounter.

    Green Line: Dragging from the Encounter window itself to Story, creates Encounter: <title>. Clicking on link creates empty encounter. Dragging ships onto the empty encounter does not add them, so this way produces no way to run an encounter, even on the fly.

    I get that I can just do the Purple Line method, but is the other way supposed to work?

    I noticed this when building the Pirates of Drinax adventures, it's already fixed in the next version, both should work.


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    I am currently unable to get the images in the Core rulebook, Central supply Catalogue and Highguard to link to the associated items and ships .screenshot0003.png

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    TheFastEddy, I logged in and confirmed the bug. I created a ticket for MBM. Good catch!

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