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    Not sure if this qualifies as a bug or not, but I purchased the Referee Briefing 6: Garden Worlds. I was going through all the creatures in the book, jsut to see what each looked like. That is when I noticed the picture on the Pseudosaur was simply a white screen. When I go to the images file for the creature it loads up fine, but not from the NPC link from the book. I attached an image file below to show you what I mean. The document is read only so I can't just link the item to it myself.

    Attachment 49168

    It's a bug, as FGU has the issue FGC doesn't and it could be down to the name of the file, so let me rename it all and send an update. I'll do that tomorrow.

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    Awesome. Happy to help!

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    OK so in character generation today I had a player decide to play an Aslan. While filling out his character sheet we noticed that the Dewclaw was not recognizing his Melee (Natural) skill. I provided a pic of his character sheet with the skill at 1 and a pic of the Dewclaw showing skill 0.

    Bug Report2.PNG

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    Same here, It also does the same for the vargr and their bite.

    However if they have Melee (Natural) before you assign race it will recognize it and calculate it correctly.
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