Just started a MgT2 campaign, and, as a fan of traveller from very, very far back, I'm extremely happy with what's been done integrating this in Fantasy Grounds. I'm introducing some people to Traveller for the first time (custom universe), and they seem to be really enjoying it.

The obligatory "You're awesome, keep up the good work, please!!" aside, I did notice an issue with checking fatigue. In MgT2, fatigue is supposed to apply a bane to all checks, per page 77 in the core book (I'm using a PDF version.) Currently, FG applies a -2 to rolls, which is something I think was done in the first Mongoose edition. Hasn't been a problem in our game, and it's something I can work around or just keep the original effect, but thought I'd point out.

Again, awesome work, and my thanks for giving me such a great tool to bring my friends into such a great game.