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    New Old School Humble Bundle

    Very good value in this one. The cheapest tier has the rules to Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, which is a great value. Swords and Wizardry versions of Rappan Athuk and a good token bundle.

    4 different systems (S&W, ASSH, Castles and Crusades, and Victoreous). Lots of modules.

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    Seems like a really good offer

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    Fantastic one actually

    The Bloom County offer is great too if you were an old-school newspaper reader in the day lol

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    Hmmm noticed Midderlands in there - cool, I like maps!

    I opened the maps zip ... there were two - both have "THIS IS THE XXXX MAP" printed over the map.

    Why did they bother to includes these two? Was it an error? If it wasn't, it's more aggravating than advertising

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