FG License: I have a an Ultimate licence I use to DM for my daughter.
Time Zone:US Central time, but I'm open to pretty much any time of day.
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'm open on these except a few times that don't work for me. Mostly that's Wednesday nights when I have another game. Eventually I will have a game on Sunday mornings as well, but we're on hold for a month.
Term: I'm open to whatever. Eventually I will need to work again, but for now I'm open.
Voice: I have Discord and Skype. I'm open to other platforms.

Game System Preferred: I prefer 5e or CoC. I'd potentially be open to 3.5, FATE, PF, SF, or something else. I have at least some books for all of those.
Game System Experience: Very experienced in 5e (I play as a player weekly and DM for my daughter's groups), somewhat experienced in CoC (I own most of the latest edition books in hardcopy, but haven't read them all. I've played other editions as well, and I have a large collection of Lovecraft's works), Very experienced in 3.5 (I played a LOT for years, but it's been quite a while. I still play video games based on that system), some experience in FATE, PF, and SF and I have at least the basic book for those. A variety of experience in other systems including Fantasy AGE and Ubiquity, which I play a lot. I really love Shadowrun, but I don't know the rules well enough to run it anymore.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I've played around in it a lot and watched many hours of videos, but I'm still new. I have moderate experience on that other platform that's "roll"ing around out there.

Character Type Preferred: I'm really open here. I play a paladin in my Wednesday night games, but I can do anything. My favorites are Rogues and Clerics.
About me: I'm a lawyer/politician/college professor and I work in the HR/Employment law space. My most recent project ended, so I'm on the lookout for something new but enjoying the break and I want to get into more gaming since I have the time. I am also into building PCs for gaming, but I don't like shooters or MMOs so I'm probably not on any games you'd see me. I'm open to playing Battletech or Stellaris together though! I'm open to streaming if that's something you're into. I've never done it before, but I could be internet famous.