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    Lantern of Revealing

    Hi all,

    My party currently pulled this out of a hidden chest and I thought I'd run a few things by you.

    Lantern of Revealing:
    While lit, this Hooded lantern burns for 6 hours on 1 pint of oil, shedding bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet. Invisible creatures and Objects are visible as long as they are in the lantern's bright light. You can use an action to lower the hood, reducing the light to dim light in a 5-foot radius.

    I would like opinions on the following statements:
    *Clearly the light breaks invisibility. I would allow it.

    *As a wonderous item, I would allow it to break or contest magical darkness. I have seen some debate on this point, unless the darkness magic is 10+ lvl strong I'd let it contest.

    *If it can break invisibility, I would also think it chould challenge stealth? Both hinder their own and defend against camouflaging enemies. Case by case here.

    *When it comes to shapeshifters. Would you let it affect their human form to show what they really are? I have both a Shapeshifting Imp and wererats frequent in this part of the story and it would change up how the chapter plays out quite a bit, were the lantern to contest shapeshifting. I am leaning towards it not revealing shapeshifters however, the text does not say so, but the name of the item almost feel like true sight

    Anyone have different opinions?


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    Invisibility yes, the lantern specifically says it does this.

    Darkness no. It says nothing about darkness, only that it sheds bright light (like any other lantern). i.e. is the light it sheds magical? yes, but only so far as revealing invisible creatures.

    Challenge stealth only in that it sheds bright light. If a creature can hide in bright light without invisibility then this does nothing a normal lantern doesn't do.

    Shapeshifters, no. This is not a lantern of True Seeing. Again, the lantern specifically says it deals with invisibility, not illusions, darkeness or any other magical effects, so it doesn't.

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    The lantern isa source of very bright light that helps to reveal invisible as well as camouflaged enemies, as well as revealing invisible and camouflaged party member who also are in the light. I don’t see it as equal to true seeing in the shapeshifters or magical darkness example.

    The lantern user could/would be a point of focus for enemies, like moths attracted to a flame, which may or may not sit well with the lantern user.

    As with any light source in game, the light users have a defined radius/diameter benefit, compared to the light viewers who can see that source from a much longer distance. i.e. car headlights can be viewed for miles but benefit only a few hundred feet.

    The light cuts both ways with pros and cons.
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    Thank you for the opinions.

    I'll add it to the considerations. Happy gaming.

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    Good Day Mardragon7
    I see nothing that says it “breaks” invisibility, if you mean dispelled by the work breaks. It only reveals them while in the bright light portion so if the move out of that radius they are again invisible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonkon View Post
    Good Day Mardragon7
    I see nothing that says it “breaks” invisibility, if you mean dispelled by the work breaks. It only reveals them while in the bright light portion so if the move out of that radius they are again invisible.
    I'll take that into account, for sure, and leave it up to the players to discover for themselves.

    I agree with your assessment.

    Not had any situations yet were the lantern would have made a difference to this point, other than a bigger and brighter source of light. I will come back if a dodgy situation present itself.

    Thank you for commenting.

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