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    "Raise my hand" function.

    I was DMing for a group of my friends (3+DM) and we were having a blast. We finished "Starter Set Campaing" and for two of my players it was first time playing any kind of pen and paper RPG. Well - it was great. Now we are doing Storm King's Thunder and we decided to invite 1 more person to our group. He is more experienced in playing p&p RPGs so we run into a problem... yup he kinda takes the spot in every conversation. Sure we talked about this, but the problem is - he is used to playing with real people at the table and my players are not even comfortable using cameras. So he can't really see if someone is willing to talk or interact in any way. He tries to stop himself but we can't really blame him. So we would like to find a way to let him know that someone is "waiting for his/her turn to act". One way to do that would be to use some kind of indicator on a character portrait. The "inspiration Star" is perfect... but it can only be seen by the inspiried player and DM. We are currently using "afk" sign with some degree of success but it spams the chat. Is there any way (feature/mod/extension) for a player to indicate (without interrupting) that he is willing to do something? It's great both for the "active player", so he/she can be informed "oh I need to stop after my current action" and for GM "oh I shouldn't use my hidden Dragon yet, cause that guy didn't moved at all for like 5 minutes or so and he really wants to".
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    I'm not aware of anything for this currently but I think that would make a cool feature.

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    So do I - I might try to do something up that does this, cause I know my own groups could/would use it

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    I almost have this working.

    Need to get an idea whether it would be best if the Raised Hand should be seen only by player and GM or by everyone?
    And secondly should it send a message to chat or not?

    I think I might have to start a Vote thread?

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    Could this method be used to raise concerns with the RPG content or the direction the game is taking. This could be the GM content or a particular player making comments in game ....

    Maybe allow a user to post anonymously to the GM with a comment box ?

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    IMO visible to everyone. Probably a message in chat and on the portrait, that way it's more likely to be seen.

    As for privately notifying the GM or someone, that's what whisper command is for (imo).

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    Visible to everyone - player who is taking the spot will know that someone else wants to do something. As for chat - i think it's not needed for everyone. We are using "Afk" option to get the indicator, but it spams the chat so much it's quite annoying.
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    This sounds like a great idea - if visible to everyone.

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    My vote would be visible to everyone. If the player wants only the GM to know, then they can use the /whisper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    My vote would be visible to everyone. If the player wants only the GM to know, then they can use the /whisper.
    What he said. Love the idea and think it s/b visible to all.
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