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    So I have just finished the pretest version of a 5th edition class I've been working on for a while now. The Magitechnician, it is a class that combines science with magic. Comes with three archetypes. The Programmer which focuses on magic and altering the world around them. The Rigger which focuses around the drones that they can make (comes with npcs for the health of the drone in combat.) The Sniper which is a modified version of the gunslinger fighter class. In addition to the class, this module also includes an expanded wild magic table which has 500 effects.
    Do be gentle, as this is the first class I've made myself and again it's yet to be fully tested so there might be some unbalanced features that will be changed later.
    Edit: Archetype summaries.

    Programmer can prepare spells from every spell list, the balancing factors being that you have access to significantly less spells at a time starting with 3 at second level, and a maximum of 12 at 18th level. They also as a balancing factor can't cast nearly as many combined spell levels comparatively to a full caster class, and finally because of the fact that they are forcing magics together that should never be combined as well as casting them in ways that they were never intended to be casted they have wild magic. Including the cantrips gained from the main class, they have access to 8 cantrips again from any spell list. At higher levels they can change the chemical and molecular composition of items (which can be used to make valuable selling items, but at the expense of basically a level 8 spell), the ability to heal themselves, the Ability to open portals to other planes like the elemental plane of fire without having to have the spell prepared, and a number of things at 18th level.

    Sniper was based off the mat mercer gunslinger archetype and modified based on some mechanics in Shadow Run. Starting off they can craft their own weapons with money, time, and an ability check, and the ability to increase their chance to hit a target by gaining a flat bonus to atk (up to +5 or +6 if they are using a certain deck.). At higher levels they can create magical bullets, akimbo style onehanded weapons while gaining dex bonus on damage, instant reload guns (at the expense of deck charges), create grenades, and more effective gunplay combat at 18th level.

    Rigger was almost completely based off of Shadowrun. Starting off they can create drones which are controlled by an AI (the player), and the ability to analyze enemies to find out if a certain stat is higher, lower, or equal to their own (thinking of but didn't put in for the base version of this archetype at later levels be able to zero in on the number the enemy has for stat.). At higher levels they gain the ability to modify drones they have made giving them different things from flashlights, to immunity to damage (only be able to put a certain amount of modes on each drone, and the immunity is even more limited.), double the time the drone can be active, and at 18th level the ability to have two drones active, with one being permanently on.
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