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    *** CLOSED: New Players: D&d 3.5, Sunday Gmt-5:00***

    ***** CLOSED *****

    See my post on the calendar "WOTC Published Adventures (DnD 3.5) GMT-5:00 (US EST)." I'm looking to first-time DM a new "campaign" that adapts the WOTC published adventures that introduced version 3.5. The rules will be fairly plain, vanilla DMG, PH, and MM (all version 3.5). The adventures will be slight adaptations of the published adventures (Sunless Citadel, Forge of Fury, Speakers in Dreams, & Standing Stone ... and will likely continue along that same line), so if you've already played those adventures, this campaign isn't appropriate for you (in fact, I'll likely add in a few deadly twists where, if you did what would make sense given the published adventure, you'd get killed).

    The games are scheduled for Sundays after 8pm EST (GMT-5, I think). The group meets each week with occasional weeks off due to my somewhat busy travel schedule.

    Send a PM to me on this site with questions or to let me know that you're interested in playing. I'd like to chat with you before adding you to the group (edwolfe). I'm not sure how often I'll check this bulletin board, so the PM route is probably the best, but go ahead and sign up on the calendar if you're interested.

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