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    General Question for Solo Play

    Hi all,

    I currently run AD&D 1e with Mythic solo to work through some old school 1e modules and get the hang of solo D&D play. Would Fantasy Grounds be a good tool in this regard, and can it support 1e and Mythic rules/tools especially at the same time?

    Also, as a side question, does FG in a group online tend to resemble Play-by Email or Play-by Post or is it generally live?


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    Fantasy Grounds is a "Virtual Table Top" - it's designed to simulate sitting around a table with your friends.

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    But it is a great tool if you do wish to play solo. Fantasy Grounds has been built with multiplayer in mind, but solo systems are usable. Many would require setting up the material. I have personally used Mythic to play some systems solo and also set up a few solo adventures/games within Fantasy Grounds. It doesn't require friends to use the program and play.

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    The DMsGuild has some FG modules for silo play. If you need helping finding them let us know. Online play is usually "live", you can find lots of play videos on twitch and YouTube as examples.

    Dont know Mythic rules so can comment on that specifically, but in general it's easy to use any rules you wantas looking as you understand it might not be automated.

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    Check out some of the Twitch and YouTube vids to get an idea of how it works (there's some links in my sig, below, but there are plenty of others out there as well.

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