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    Thank you everyone for showing interest, as of right now we are full. If anyone happens to back out in the next two weeks before we start I will get ahold of individuals in order of their postings on here or in my pms. Thank you!

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    I would like to be placed on the wait list if people do back out!

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    I'd love to get on your wait list as well. I haven't played for a long time, so I'm probably would fall somewhere between newbie and experienced. Last time I played was with 3.5, so I've been getting up to speed with 5e. I'm also fairly new with Fantasy Grounds. I've played around a bit offline and have taken one of the Fantasy Grounds courses to learn a bit.

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    I'm from Iowa, I just work in space.
    I'm probably going to do Lost Mine of Phandelver, and not a Yawning Portal game, but for those who didn't get in on this game, do any of you want to play in that? If so, PM me with your availability.

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    I am Rafe67's brother and would like to join with my brother if a game or group has room for me also. I have taken the CC101 and played We be Goblins one-shot as far as exp goes with FG. Fighter or Barb prefered class

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    Sent you a pm.
    I would be very happy to join this game. Very experienced with both D&D 5e and FG. I ran a game on FG for years, but I've been taking a break and I'm looking to get back into playing.

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    In case you haven't started the lost mine campaing, I would love to join a group. Still new on FG but took the cc101 and the combat 101.
    Would love to play a warlock. (Never played a spellcaster though.)
    Available pretty much any day, but probably not to late on weeknights.

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