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    [Deadlands Reloaded] Hexslinger arcane background doesn't work in SWADE

    Hi, just started Stone and a Hard Place with a new group and it doesn't seem like the hexslinger skill works correctly in SWADE. PCs and NPC hexslinger powers are always rolling as unskilled. All hexslinger characters have the Hexslinger arcane background edge and have hexslinging set as their background on their powers page, too. Despite that, their hexslinging powers still show up as -2 on their powers page and role with the -2 unskilled modifier. One of my players found out that the hexslinger powers are currently tied to the spellcasting skill, so our temporary work around is to replace the hexslinging skill with the spellcasting skill for all Hexslinger PCs and NPCs.

    If anyone knows of a way to get the hexslinger skill working, my group would greatly appreciate it!

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    I will look into it when I get home from work in a couple days. Thank you for the report!

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