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    PC created - how to share it?

    I have the Ultimate license. I created my game. I created a character.

    Now, I would like to make that character available to my players (or at least one of my players).

    How would I do that? Thanks!

    (This is for 5E if that matters.)

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    Good Day JKeller and Welcome.
    Simply open the character select in the game and right click to open the radial menu. Select the clear owner (I think it is an eraser icon?) and when anyone logs in the character will show as selectable.

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    Ah, thanks. That doesn't actually work from the Character Sheet, but it does from the Character Selection window.

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    Welcome to the FG forums jkeller

    If you created the PC in the campaign that your players will connect to, and the GM's character selection window doesn't show an owner, then there's nothing more for you to do. When the players join they'll be presented with the character selection window.

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