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    If two of you are using the same service and cannot connect, chances are pretty good that there's something the ISP is doing on their end to block FG traffic. Since you work properly on the hotspot the easiest solution would be to use a VPN, which would bypass the ISP entirely. Several VPN services have a free level of access, or a trial period so you can test them out. Personally I use NordVPN but I don't advocate for any particular service, I understand from others that Haimachi works well, but I think that would require that all of the players use Hamachi, not just the two of you who are having issues.

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    Have you checked with the ISP they didn't silently change your connection to IPv6? If so, ask them to change you back - ISPs have been known to change customers to IPv6 from IPv4 in batches without telling them, and FGC doesn't work with 4, while your home network probably does.

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    To be honest, we're still not entirely sure WHY the situation occurred, but now both of us seem to be able to connect to the game without issue. For one week we could connect with the address but not the alias, and now we can connect with the alias again. Our shared ISP was working on "upgrading" speed in our area, maybe that had something to do with it, we're really not sure. Hopefully it doesn't recur.

    Thanks to everyone for being so helpful. The FG community has been great every time I've ever had questions

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