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    Looking for DM and 1 Player

    Our group of 4 experienced players just lost out GM for our Saturday night 9PM EST game (could do a little later for the PST folks). Our group has been together for about 2 years now and we have rotated through GMing a few times. Looking for one person who would like to try out GMing and one additional player (we often have one person unable to show up due to work issues and 4 players is much easier to work than 3). Not opposed to paying for a module to run, always willing to add people to other games we are running (I just started Saltmarsh on Friday nights). Primarily use FG and Discord for voice. Please let me know if you are interested in either position. Thanks!

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    I would be up to playing on either (or both) of your Friday and Saturday runs (October 12th Im unavailable) I would also be interested in DMing in the future (havnt been a dm in about 15 years and still learning all the intricacies of fg) feel free to send a pm or on discord @ engorgio#3594 if interested!

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