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    Looking For GM Mecha RPG

    Any GM's interested in running a Mecha RPG? I have a basic story template for the game right now.

    The setting: The Empire attempts to conquer and subjugate the galaxy. One by one planets fall to The Empire's ruthless military might. A desperate alliance is formed between worlds to resist The Empire. The players will be mobile suit pilots aboard an Alliance battleship and will be sent on missions to help the war effort against The Empire. There have also been reports of a new threat to the galaxy. A race of sentient AI known as The Collective. Seeing humans as flawed The Collective wishes to exterminate all organic life in the galaxy and create a new galaxy ruled by machines.

    Edit: I've decided to try my hand at GM-ing this game myself so this thread is closed now.
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    Not a GM but this sounds way cool yo.

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