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    Do you have a easy way to handle mutiple monster in combat?

    I have difficulty identifying where the NPC I have in my combat tracker is on the map.

    I know it's possible to click on the eye mutiple time to make the token flash on the map, but when I manage 15 monsters that look alike on a big map, it starts to be difficult and exhausting.

    I try the Combat Enhancer 5e which is amazing. I love how it highlights the monster's token on the map, however, the extension tends to freeze when I have more than one player in my game.

    Do you know of a simple extension or a trick to easily visually link the combat tracker to the map? OR a extension that highlights the monster token like the combat enhancer but is doing just that?

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    I just turn on auto-centering and then the monster token is always in the middle of the map.

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    As Andraax says turn on autocentering. You need to zoom into the map a bit for this to be effective. Another method is to hold down the CTRL key and use the middle mouse button over the token on the CT to make the token on the map bigger or smaller.
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    All the core mods can be used with 5e - this one will do what you want with no fuss -

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    Thank you guys. All your stuff has been implemented and that's exactly what I was looking for. It's simple and it works. The auto-centering with the little extension https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...tive-Indicator work really well togeter.

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