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    I think my campaign data was corrupted. Can I recover it?

    I've just recently run into an issue where when I log in to my current campaign I do not see any of my players' characters in the character selection screen. In addition, all of the books that I've loaded into the game are now unloaded and all of the additional options I had selected (things like custom decals and additional language fonts) have been deselected.

    Is there anything I can do to recover an older version of my campaign?

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    Hi Stuggs, welcome to FG.

    Click the small folder icon top right of the start screen to find your FGdata folder. Open the campaign folder and find the folder with your campaign name. Copy this folder somewhere safe.

    Now open the original folder and find the file db.xml. Rename it to dbold or db dead or whatever. Now find the session file that has the latest date stamp or is the biggest in size. Rename that file to db.xml and start up your campaign.
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