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    Unsubscribing with no Paypal?

    So I searched the forums and found similar issues to my own, I subscribed without linking a Paypal. In the help section to unsubscribe it gives directions to go thru paypal. From one post I read the user was directed to email [email protected] and to include his email and name. Well I've tried that, 4 times now, and each time I receive an email "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)". I've ensured there is no typos in the address. So what else do I need to try to unsubscribe, aside disputing it with my bank at this point?

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    David Middleton will reach out to you shortly to get whatever information he needs to unsubscribe you -- or to let you know that your cancellation is complete.

    We apologize for the difficulty with the support email. We use GMail for our email and they occasionally bounce back legitimate emails to our group support account because they flag it as spam.

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    I reached out to you via email Asuramiah.

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