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    What Settings Are Migrated to SWADE Rules?

    Hi all,

    Is there an easy way to discern which Savage Worlds Settings have been adjusted to allow for the SWADE ruleset in Fantasy Grounds? I try to read through all of the weekly updates to find clues, but it isn't always apparent.

    I know that Lankhmar and Deadlands Noir are converted... But, it would be handy to have a list... Something like:

    Setting Name SWD? SWADE? Converted By
    Deadlands Noir Y Y some person
    Deadlands Reloaded Y N some person
    Lankhmar Y Y Talyn
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    Only Lankhmar and Titan Effect have SWADE editions on Fantasy Grounds. Pinnacle did release SWADE documents for certain other settings but none have (yet) been implemented into FG.

    PEG is working on wholly new editions of the entire Deadlands product line, so everything currently on FG will remain SWD until the official SWADE editions of those settings are published and adapted to FG.

    When I get the time to do further adaptations of other settings, if PEG has released a SWADE document I will probably end up only doing the SWADE edition rather than trying to support two versions of the same product. Everyone wants the new shiny so I'll likely just pass on doing the SWD material whenever they have SWADE material for it. That will probably be the case for the remaining Lankhmar products as well.

    That said, the SWADE ruleset is specifically built to handle the differences (when possible) so you can play SWD settings within SWADE just fine. The main issue is that certain bits from SWD were entirely removed from SWADE so any links to those missing items will obviously present you with a 'bad link' error. Other than that, everything works fine. When SWADE was in testing, Ikael made adjustments to both SWD and SWADE rulesets to accommodate both the changes and the consistencies, and we all grouped up to patch all the DLC so everything works in both rulesets.
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    Cool. Thank you!

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