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    Sorry DMReckless, I miscalculated time zones so I won't be able to participate after all...Hope you find a replacement quick. Good Gaming.

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    i play and run pathfinder 1E on saturdays, i want to play and learn some pathfinder 2E, if theres room i can play any class needed, i like barbarian, sorcerer or cleric
    on fantasy grounds discord im evion

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    Reminder, room still exists for players willing to dive in deep end (don't worry, floaters provided.)

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    Hello! Are you still looking for one more? I've always heard good things about Paizo APs but never had a chance to play through any of the bigger ones. Combined with using 2e, this sounds really fun, and the time lines up perfectly with my schedule.

    If there is still space, what is the current party composition in terms of classes and roles? I'm happy to try out anything in the new system, and I'd like to avoid stepping on anyone's toes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMReckless View Post
    Looks like we have 5 interested people. I sent out a PM to all of you for the discord channel. Let me know if it times out (even though I set it to permanent, it happens).

    We still have potential room for 1 more.

    Pregens coming up over weekend.
    Would like to join in on this. Have some pf2 experience been looking for a nice long campaign.

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    UPDATE: We began game last week, but 2 players didn't show, leaving room for up to 2 more.

    Current party is 2 Druids, a Rogue, and a Champion.

    Sandpoint is under attack by Giants, plenty of space for other heroes to ride up.

    Next game is 10/16.

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    Still looking, if you want to try PF2 with high level character or pre-made (by me) PM me.

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    I am looking for a PF2 game and have scrolled across this several times but Wednesday just don’t work for me so if in the future you have anything else or for some reason y’all change nights I would be interested, thank you.

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