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    Fantasy Grounds LFG Page

    I am new to Fantasy Grounds and this might be an old question. But right off the bat I noticed that the lack of a LFG page has to be hurting this system tremendously. Fantasy Grounds is a fantastic system, and if it ever implemented a LFG feature in a similar fashion to Roll20's more players would start joining Fantasy Grounds over Roll20. I understand that there is a Forum section created to list new games, but that system is very cumbersome, every single game ever created is dumped into one forum listing ( no easy searchable parameters, no easy way to know if the group is full, not divided by RPG system, all the games are together in a clustered mess). I think the Game Calendar page only list public games on auto-invite which also doesn't work because GMs would avoid that process.

    I am very interested in Pathfinder 2e and Fantasy Grounds is miles ahead of Roll20 when it comes to Pathfinder 2e support. This system is way better than Roll20's for Pathfinder 2e and yet I don't think FG is capitalizing on this because of issues like a dedicated LFG page.

    Are there any plans to implement the Campaign listing feature in a similar fashion to Roll20's "Join a Game" page??

    Also, as a follow up question: Have you considered allowing pay to play games similar to Roll20's which would attract a different player base. (More people using FG has to be good for all existing FG users) This would only work with a reliable LFG / campaign listing support, so those two questions go together

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    Pay to Play Guidelines; https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...a-Games-Master

    And no, you aren't the first person to lament that the LFG system could be improved. I think that is in process with the upcoming move to Unity (but I've been wrong before - just ask my wife).
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    I know an LFG system like you have asked for has been discussed. And as John said, I too think it might be something we see deployed after FGU.

    That said, I'm actually pretty skeptical myself. There are frequently discussions at other places about how the Roll20 system breeds a lot of failed games and applications. I.e. uncommitted players and GMs who give up after a game or two, never show, never reply, etc. And that those problems lead serious GMs to require lengthy application processes just to weed out serious players from the hundreds of applicants they get.

    I know, never a perfect system. But I will say that the current FG system may have taken me weeks bbn or months to build the ground bbn i run or to find the groups I play in, but they all have lasted years already and show no signs of ending anytime soon.

    Of course, that is only important if you are looking for something long term and not just a once or twice kind of thing. (Though note FG College, Rob2e, and others run open table and one shots on a regular basis.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    There are frequently discussions at other places about how the Roll20 system breeds a lot of failed games and applications. I.e. uncommitted players and GMs who give up after a game or two, never show, never reply, etc. And that those problems lead serious GMs to require lengthy application processes just to weed out serious players from the hundreds of applicants they get.
    I agree with the problems you listed about Roll20 but disagree that the cause of those problems is the LFG system that Roll20 has. You will find uncommitted players in any system and I doubt that the LFG system is the cause. In addition, Roll20 may have a problem with players leaving games but it is precisely because of their LFG system that those players are very easily replaced. So in fact, is because their LFG feature is efficient at finding replacements, that has made it possible for the Roll20 platform to survive and even thrive despite such a big issue as players leaving groups.

    My personal opinion, is that the game quality of a Roll20 games in which the GM does not buy modules or prepares maps/tokens etc, is the main issue why people end up leaving. Even some of the official campaign modules are very basic and require the GMs to create a fair amount of maps and handouts to make the game feel alive and interactive. The difference between a GM that prepares a lot vs. a GM that just uses Roll20's basic tools is in my opinion the biggest reason for people leaving games.

    And that is the beauty of Fantasy Grounds. FG is heaven for GMs that learn this system, because your modules are so detailed and helpful for GMs that an "unprepared" GM in FG can put out 100 times better level of content than an "unprepared" GM in Roll20. (Of course FG has a higher learning curve, but once you go over that bump the quality is way higher)

    I would love for FG to be more popular than Roll20 because at its core FG is a way better system, but at the same time, it needs serious quality of life and accessibility improvements like a good LFG system.

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    I would agree that a LFG system could/should be implemented, at least in some form. My personal opinion is that it would be more like a clan recruiting system in other games...where you list your availability, your playing style, your age group, et.al. and then when a GM needs players to fill slots (campaign, one-shot, etc.), they can provide the criteria they are looking for (day/date/time, play style, age group (optional), et.al.) and get a list of potentials. Then they can filter from there. Likewise, GMs could place Adverts the same way and players could search and connect with GMs looking for players.
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    I agree with Lord Stark above.

    I've had players that I've invited and introduced to FG have a blast playing in my campaigns and short stories. After which they wanted to keep looking for more games to play in FG.
    But eventually telling me they'd given up, and returned to Roll20 as they got frustrated trying to weed through forum posts or the calendar to look. Stating the lack of a better LFP system the main reason they returned to Roll20, while still wanting to play in my games in FG if and when it's up for offer.

    As for Roll20, I've also run a number of games there, both long and short, and I've never had any issues with losing player there either. It's all a question of the DM/GM and how much work they put in.
    Luckily there it is very easy to attract and replace lost players in those cases, and filter for high quality players, when it does happen due to real life and such things. Equally it is easier for players to find other games if they aren't happy with the game they're in for some reason.
    Which is probably why overall there might be more movement of players and GM's there than here. It's more to do with overall access and availability, nothing to do with the quality of the LFG system. If anything, something to strive for.

    From the DM/GM side there are other important differences.
    Over there I can monitor my games and applications and posts conveniently all in one place for each campaign.
    Even as a fan of FG, I have to say that over here I need to browse and monitor through the forums, messages, calendar, post the same game twice under different format, while looking for players. It's scattered and awkward, not to mention when you are running more than one game at once. Not to say it doesn't work in the end, just saying it could be much better.

    So I hope that at some point, hopefully not to far in the future after FGU gets released. A good and visually appealing LFG web portal will be created eventually, for the same reasons as Lord Stark mentions above.
    It is the portal for new players, and important that people take to it like ducks to water, to avoid losing potential customer and users.
    But that's neither here nor there, these are my personal thoughts on the matter and what I've been told personally by some of my players.

    Always something to do and improve upon I suppose, and SmiteWorks will decide what they deem most important for attracting and keeping players and DM's. For now I know they have their hands full with FGU, which is no lean feat.
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