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    Extension for subtracting level from rolls?

    If someone hasn't made a simple one yet, will one be included with the gamemastery guide? Seeing as the full rules for it will come out then or is this just a pipe dream on my part.

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    If it's part of an official product we'll *try* to provide that functionality when we release that product. So, if it's part of the GamesMastery guide, and not a complex optional rule, then it will probably be included in that product when it's released.

    In theory, you can manually do this now - set all proficiencies to Untrained and apply a manual modifier for the relevant 2/4/6/8 proficiency bonus.
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    Ok thank you very much mr trenloe

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    You could probably mechanically fake it, but the pros/cons will be covered in gamemastery. It makes it a very different game in how you budget balance encounters and threaten/bore your players.

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    Logan Bonner has said that there will be variant rules for this in the GMG.

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