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    New Eberron Campaign - Saturday Evenings

    Note: We now have 6 players. Thanks for your interest, everyone.

    When: Saturday Evenings starting at 7pm Eastern. (I'm in central time). Will be a weekly game depending on the group's availability. Starting on November 11th.

    Where: Eberron

    Who: Mature players over the age of 18. I need 3-4 more.

    What: Lvl 1 character of your choice.

    Contact me by email (removed) for further details.

    Notes: We most likely will be running original or mostly original content with the occasional canned module thrown in for good measure. You will be based out of Sharn, so take that into consideration.
    Last edited by Lee S.; November 1st, 2006 at 18:42.
    ~Lee S.

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    We now have 2 confirmed players 1, player semi-confirmed.
    ~Lee S.

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    sending e-mail now

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    ill be the cleric, i emailed you before and replied to your reply

    Contact me?? Please please please contact me by xfire:
    "Dedeko" is my user name, my nickname is Meat Shield

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    Email sent, I emailed you before. I am in - I'll be a Changeling Rouge (Trap Monkey).

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    We now have our 6 players. That's more than enough.
    ~Lee S.

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