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    Anyone recomend a great thieves guild map?

    Ideally in a higher resolution without a grid.
    Any suggestions on a good map is appreciated!

    It can be fairly large and complex, because I am going to have the player(s) build it as they become more successful. (reveal more of the guild as that happens)
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    There is the free thieves' guild map from MrValor.

    Some generic guild halls might also work.
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    AH, i had 1-2 of these, nice to see the whole set. Thanks for the link!!
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    Some floors of MrValor's Adventurer's Guild might work in addition to the previous map.

    Heroic Maps had one on their Patreon and Cze and Peku had an Adventurer's Guild that might also partially work but that's probably not worth it just for these maps.

    Not a map but Ebonclad - A Thieves' Guild Setting & Adventures is also pretty good - one day I might even get to use it.

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    Great links as well, thanks again!!
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    Hello - this medieval city battlemap features a rooftop-set Thieves Guild:

    After reading your requirements again the other maps in this series might be more suitable - the range includes dilapidated buildings, interior gambling halls, blank interiors for building your own structures and much more - over 900 modular maps in fact.
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