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    Quote Originally Posted by Phixation View Post
    you (Kel) and bmos do such great jobs.
    Thank you C:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phixation View Post
    well keep up the good work! my group loves your extension(s)! if only i can figure out how bmos did the perm ability score changes... and apply that to weapons. lol i would love to be able to document how the fighter got to what weapon dmg or how he got his to-hit without having to redo the math every time i go "wait.. plus what to hit"
    You should see the starfinder ruleset, it has a log of changes!!
    But yes, I agree that it is very hard to track where some bonuses come from.
    Are they bonuses from effects or bonuses that have been added to the weapon on the actions tab?
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    mostly from feats or class abilities..... like weapon focus or weapon specialization. would be nice to label them like i can in your perm ability score one....

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