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    Kelrugem's extensions

    The links in the second posts lead to the FGC versions. The forge contains the FG unity versions https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/crafter/2/view-profile

    If you are a dev and want to contribute to our code, then see my Github profile: https://github.com/Kelrugem


    This support thread is about my extensions, mainly for 3.5e/PF1, and in the following I will usually list the latest major update(s) of my extensions If you want a full description, then see the forge descriptions of the corresponding extension You can report bugs and wish requests here (or anything else )

    Latest updates to my extensions, considering the extended automation and overlay ones:

    1. Updated to the newest ruleset version
    2. Compatibility with Zarestia's spell record actions extension
    3. Thanks to Rabidpaladin: Better NPC parsing of action and spell immunities, for example undead automaticall get their immunity against mindaffecting abilities, IFTAG: mindaffecting; SIMMUNE. Creature ability/spell immunities are parsed for constructs, dragons, elementals, ooze, plants, undead, and vermin.
    4. Thanks to Rabidpaladin: New special damage type, resisthalved, for halving enemies resistance
    5. Imported changes of the (dis)advantage extension: More aesthetic chat messages, showing dropped values, colouring dice (green for advantage, red for disadvantage), and the dice expression does now list the "non-doubled" dice (previously a d20 with advantage was shown as 2d20 while the result was just corresponding to 1d20 which was confusing to read but did not affect the calculations; now it shows instead as g20 (g for green) )
    6. New effects supporting (dis)advantage just for certain actions:
      Modifier Value Descriptor Notes
      ADVATK (-) [range], opportunity (T), advantage on attack rolls
      DISATK (-) [range], opportunity (T), disadvantage on attack rolls
      GRANTADVATK (-) [range], opportunity (T), grants advantage on attack rolls made against effects' carrier
      GRANTDISATK (-) [range], opportunity (T), grants disadvantage on attack rolls made against effects' carrier
      ADVINIT (-) - Advantage on initiative rolls
      DISINIT (-) - Disadvantage on intiative rolls
      ADVSAV (-) [save] (T), advantage on saving throws
      DISSAV (-) [save] (T), disadvantage on saving throws
    7. The KEEN effect got update, it is now compatible with IFTAG (as all effects should already be, but I missed KEEN previously), and it allows more descriptors:
      Modifier Value Descriptor Notes
      KEEN (-) [range], opportunity (T), doubles critical threat (originally by darrenan, thanks )
    8. Improving IF logic. The base ruleset does currently not account target information (like, IF: invisible won't return true, if one has invisible as a targeted effect.) Now it caters for such things, too.
    9. Effects with damage types do now not just look at the first damage type, this just maters for DMG and DMGS effects. For example, in the base ruleset having the effect DMG: d6 fire; DMG: d10 fire, critical would originally lead to that the critical one will be merged with the non-crit one to fire, fire, critical dice. This leads mistakenly to that both fire damage dice will only be activated when having a crit. This is now fixed with this extension, avoiding erroneous merges of dice. (Originally this could be work-around'ed by using DMG: d6 fire; DMG: d10 critical, fire instead, since the merging only happens w.r.t. the first damage types)
    10. Thanks to Bmos: There was a separate extension by Bmos catering for the advantage on melee miss chance rolls when having the blind-fight feat. I incorporated this and expanded it to the full automation of Blind-Fight and Uncanny Dodge. How it works: Add Blind-Fight to the feat list of the (N)PC (do not forget the hyphen), and Uncanny Dodge to the class abilities for PCs or to special qualitiesfor NPCs. Blind-Fight gives advantage on melee miss chance rolls and negates the bonuses of melee attacks made by invisible creatures (so, no +2 and no combat advantage for the attacker). Uncanny Dodge negates own flat-footed effects and the attacker's combat advantage, if the attacker is invisible or has pressed the flat-footed modifier button.
    11. New condition:
      Condition Description
      Ethereal Like invisible, but negating blind-fight
      This effect is also listed in the effects' window under all the other condition buttons. You can use this condition for setting up spells like blink against which blind-fight does not help; however, uncanny dodge still works to negate the combat advantage of ethereal creatures.
    12. The basic ruleset did not add range descriptors to the damage chat messages of spells, leading to that effects like DMGS could not be restricted to just melee or ranged spells even though the wiki lists that these effects allow range descriptors. The extension fixes this and adds automation of range descriptors w.r.t. spells
    13. New effects:
      Modifier Value Descriptor Notes
      REVERT (-) [damage type], all (T), switches damage to heal and heal to damage; use REVERT: positive (or REVERT: all) to revert heals
      VSFORTIF (N) - (T), lowers all fortification effects of the opposed actor by the number N
      A note about REVERT with respect to heals: It won't automatically cater for crits, and also not for injury damage if a failed save happened (for StrainInjury); these have to be handled manually right now. Reverted heals count as damage rolls having the damage types positive and spell. REVERT regarding damage rolls: I found it the most natural that REVERT is checked for after all damage effects affecting damage rolls are checked. Therefore, effects like IMMUNE and HRESIST lower the incoming damage roll and then it becomes reverted.
    14. Automatic parsing of REVERT: positive; REVERT: negative for undead.
    15. New damage type: vorpal. Add this damage type to critical damage dice to circumvent critical immunity. The basic ruleset blocks all critical dice if someone is immune to crits, although certain crits are still allowed; for example, mummies should still burn very well when using flaming burst. In that case use e.g. DMG: d10 fire, critical, vorpal, this defines a d10 fire damage die which is only activated by crits, and it will ignore critical immunity (but effects like fire immunity may still negate it).
    16. Fun with modifier buttons! The injury modifier button in the StrainInjury version now automatically adds the damage type injury to all damage dice. Moreover, you see three new modifier buttons: Advantage and Disadvantage ones in the category "General". These give advantage and disadvantage, respectively, to the next roll, overwrite any (dis)advantage effect in the CT. The third new modifier button is Accuracy in the "Damage" category. This is similar to the opportunity button but with respect to damage rolls. The DMG(S) effects now allow a third descriptor, accuracy, and pressing that modifier button or the Ctrl key will activate such damage effects. For example, write DMG: d6 precision, accuracy, and let your rogue press Ctrl or the accuracy modifier button in order to activate such effects. With this you do not need to turn off and on your sneak attack effects, now simply press a button while rolling damage.

      Note: One may code sneak attacks now with that, see the last example on the forge's description
      I decided to label the third button as accuracy instead of precision to avoid confusion with the damage type precision and to avoid that people think it works similar to critical mod button and its activation of critical effects, while one needs to add the accuracy as descriptor if one intends to use the corresponding button.
    17. Last and best update: The chat announcement of my extensions now show the important and mighty kobold bard Deekin Scalesinger

    New Update for extended automation ones:
    Additionally, there is also a new Combat Adv. (Combat Advantage) modifier button in the "Attack" category. This negates Dex and dodge bonuses to the target's AC and negates dodge bonuses to reflex saves if one rolls the save manually from the sheet. So, this button is similar to the Flat-Footed button, however it won't get negated by Uncanny Dodge. There is an empty space right to this button, I had to do this because left of the concealment buttons are also empty fields added by the ruleset; I can sadly not get rid of the ruleset's empty fields and so it always looked nasty and that was the best solution I was able to find
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    Third Update for extended automation ones:

    Evasion and Improved Evasion now also show up in the effects' window as effects buttons; the effects' window is accessible in the upper right of the sidebar

    Compatibility patch for advanced effects by Bmos and Rmilmine (Thanks to Bmos for suggesting some compatibility codes )

    Also big thanks to SoxMax I am very happy to say that extended automation is now the first extension supporting the effect builder by SoxMax See here for information about the effect builder: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/457/view. That is, the effects of this extension will also show up in the effect builder if you also loaded the effect builder plus the plugin for 3.5E/PF1 (see the link about the effect builder for more information about the needed plugin; it is basically an effect wizard/generator which allows you to build effects with less need to be proficient with the effects' syntax). This is solely made by SoxMax, I just merged his suggestions for the code into the extension

    Update for height and custom shortcuts:

    Settings are now also adjustable for players individually. For example, they can choose their own preferred size of the height label

    Fourth update for extended automation ones:

    Better compatibility with Bmos's ammunition manager, thanks to Bmos

    Revisited NPC parsings. Notes: Dragon immunities are actually just against magical sleep and paralysis effects which is not catered; wave SIMMUNE manually in non-magical situations (simply ignore SIMMUNE then) or adjust the effect to a version which checks the "magic" via a tag. Ooze with intelligence are not immune to mind-affecting, so, in case of intelligent oozes erase that part of the effect. The immunity against physical ability damage of undead is currently not parsed (unsure about suitable tag in that case)

    Crit confirm rolls of an attack which was affect by (dis)advantage carried the (dis)advantage text of the original attack roll. Fixed

    If you use FGC then see these threads:


    But beware, FGC does not get any new updates, hence, my FGC versions are not maintained anymore (so, they are stable, but you cannot expect new features)
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    Future extensions (not sure if I will ever be able to do that):

    • New "spell class" for maneuvers as grapple things or the ones in the tome of battle, especially with the ability to force skill checks of targets. Basically: Skill Actions!
    • Correct reach underlays but it seems that the code for that is encrypted, so not sure if I am able to do that
    • New effect stuff! Negation ! and (C) as in 5e and effect for ignoring effects of targets (like CONC coming from lightning effects, though that effect can have targets; but depending on the numbers of actors in the CT an "ignore target" function could be useful, like an inversed targeting function) and so on (EDIT: somehow partially done now with the negated IF operators)
    • Making HP calculation customizable
    • Automatic adding of tags of psi, psi-like
    • Disease and poison automation (done by Bmos )
    • Time "pusher" (especially for hours etc. and then adding the possibility that hours duration are tracked properly in the CT) (also done by Bmos )
    • Encumbrance of weight automated (armor check penalty and max DEX due to weight not just armor) (I think also already done by Bmos?! )
    • Negative damage types: For erasing a damage type
    • Ability damage using the damage fields for attributes. Necessary: Ability damage boxes for NPCs
    • IFT: X,Y, Z,...; working as for IFTAG.
    • Aligning NPC parsing to my additional effects (i.e. parsing for IFTAG:.. and so on)
    • Automated ammunition toggle (One word: Bmos )
    • Protection from energy automation; and stoneskin
    • precision damage ignored when sight "concealed" in some sense
    • Carrying over 4e effect stuff (trigger of automatic saves, expiring at end or beginning of turn etc.)
    • Allowing to drag&drop numbers on the ability damage boxes (works already, but it is not additive)
    • Advantage/disadvantage for certain effects only (not just the generic one); fixing damage types bug related to that (Partially done)
    • More mathematics for effect tags like [STR] (partially done, but there is always more to do)
    • Height label should vanish when token added to a new map. Overlays should be more persistent
    • Diehard (especially PF1) automation with respect to the death overlays
    • Better PC tags (also quarter of CL etc., see bmos suggestion), maybe also persistent tags which automatically updates the effect (i.e., it does not parse the mod, but looks in the sheet each time the effect is called). By Svandal: Options for a maximum bonus in these tags (partially done)
    • automation for incorporeal stuff (ghost AC revived? etc)
    • Increasing performance for effect systems: Idea, using different databases for that to distribute stuff, like the property fields of weapons or having multiple different windows for effects (global effects, offensive, defensive, tags (used for CUSTOM etc) and so on)
    • Aesthetics: Adding small icons for spells etc; maybe to the hotkeys, too (which requires a persistent link to the sheet then)
    • With the new distance API, see https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l-APIs-for-FGU, adding automation regarding distance, including my height extension
    • FORTIF versus multiple damage types at the same type (like just against critical slashing types)
    • Negative DR effect
    • Svandal request: [D4 5STR] for example (5/4 times STR) (see also Khoredran's request about similar things)
    • TEMPO as effect (? Pull request by bmos already exists, just need to think about nasty stacking rules)

    For next update to-do-list (thanks to all contributors): https://github.com/users/Kelrugem/projects/1

    Have fun I hope this thread is okay


    LICENSE: You can use and change it however you want, integrate it in your code and reupload it etc., so you can do everything what you want with these extensions but do not commercialize it You do not need to ask me for this But mentioning me as original author or so would be nice (Smiteworks is allowed to integrate the code if they want, hehe ) That only holds for my additions to the code, there are images included in the full overlay package and there I attached the licenses of the images
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    [Reserved for future #1, just in case]

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    [Reserved for future #2, just in case ]

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    Thanks for all your hard work Kel!
    My group really appreciate both your AoO tracker and the leather theme.

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    Thanks for your words

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    With respect to compatibility with other extensions: As I said I made a lot of combined packages but I just realized that my extensions may not be compatible with the mirror image extension of darrenan. Sorry, didn't realize that (since it's only for PF1 and so I do not use it in my 3.5e games). I try to make a combined package with that extension in the future when I find time for it

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    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!

    These are the modules and extensions created and/or taken over by dellanx for PFRPG.

    I had a lot of help and advice from many here at FG.

    Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dellanx View Post
    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!
    Thanks for the words I am glad that someone else can use the antimagic extension, too

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