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    I don't mean to rock the boat, FG is a great product and I've had loads of fun with it and spent a fortune on modules, but given the rather steep price for the ultimate edition or the subscription fee, I think it's not too much to expect it to run better.

    I hope Unity won't have these issues.

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    Meh, runs great on my rig...YMMV
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    You could always downgrade your computer and have less problems.... Just sayin'. The guys who most frequently have this bitch are those running supercharged systems (because there are so few users that the drivers and so on actually receive LESS support for older technology because they are focused on getting HALF-LIFE END OF THE WORLD to run at 600fps, on 3 15K monitors).

    The other half with the complaints are ones with laptops with mid-to-high grade intel graphics cards - sometimes switching to on-board graphics cures the problems and sometimes ensuring on-board graphics STAY OFF fixes the problems - go figure.
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    As I've mentioned, most users have found that some fine tuning of their graphics card advanced features provides some level of improvement. Some graphics cards/drivers need this to make it play better with DirectX 9.

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