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    LMoP-ish Europe

    FG License: Ultimate (You can join with demo)
    Game System: 5e.

    Time Zone: Europe GMT+2.
    Day of week and time: Saturday 18:30-21:30ish.
    If new game, planned start date: 2019-09-28
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Biweekly.
    Term: Short term – Playing through Lost mine of Phandalin (or at least thats the plan)

    Text or Voice: Voice.
    Voice software used: Discord. Or if you want video - something else...
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No, why would I want to do that?
    Roleplay & Combat mix: Don’t know, never measure whats happening….
    Number of Players in game & needed: 4-5 players
    Character starting level & equipment: 1st level - point buy.
    Character restrictions: Source allowed = the ones I have = PHB, Xantahars Guide.

    Details of your scenario: I don’t have enough gaming in my life and since not found a new game I decided to DM the starter adventure. If you have played it before it’s not my problem. I will make some changes anyway.
    About me: I'm a 48 year old swede who don't have english as my first language but comfortable enough to try to DM with it. Played a lot of rpg in ancient times and started again about 3 years ago. Not expert in either 5e or Forgotten Realms but learning.

    The Matt Mercer effect - I don’t do voices! You will be lucky enough to understand my bad English!

    I would prefer a mixed group of gender, age, religion, experience, backgrounds whatever. And I mean players – not characters :-)
    Characters should be playable. If you want to make an evil characters that’s fine but remember you are supposed to play as a team and follow a quest.
    I expect you to be able to respect other players and the DM. This game is a free game - why I want to have fun as DM as well!
    I would prefer players who actually think the lore is a part of the game.

    I will try make it a weekly session but sometimes real life happens. With that said it’s ok to miss a session but it’s not ok to not inform us all that you can’t play. If you miss a game without telling us you might get kicked out. If you miss half the campaign but inform us before then it's fine (almost).

    The game is set in the Sword Coast around 1490.

    About 100 years ago the goddess of magic was murdered and all magic in the world ceased to exist or changed. The fabric of magic was destroyed and magic turned raw and untaimed. The catastrophe was called the Spellplague. Thousands of wizards were driven mad or died and raw magic was flowing over Faerun as veils of mystic blue fire. The raw magic changed the nature around it and entire nations were displaced or exchanged with realms from other worlds. The spellplague lasted for a hundred years but the most catastrophic events happened in the first years. Magic was changed during these years and it wasn’t before 1480 then the goddess of magic returned that magic again worked like it used to.

    The city of Neverwinter is being rebuilt from almost being destroyed about 30-40 years ago then a volcano nearby had an eruption. The eruption made a chasm to the underworld opened up in Neverwinter and monsters crawled up. The chasm was just a few years ago magical sealed and Neverwinter is now safe. Now it’s the time to restore the city to it’s former glory.
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    'Nother swede here!

    I've been playing on fantasy grounds for a little over half a year now and like you, I also appreciate a mix of the genders and the experiences, usually make for a lot more interesting sessions.
    I've a decent grasp of 5e and a whole heap of character concepts I could attempt, so I'd be happy to join in!

    Can find me on discord as Genpai#9558 or DM here if you have any questions.
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    Ok, since not many was interested in joining I called in reinforcement. Thats my daughter and friends = three teenage girls!
    I get back with more info in a few days.

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    I might be willing to join.
    However, if you'll find another person of your language, might probably be more comfortable for you to play with native people (I'm russian myself).

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    Haha, at the prospect of girls, Im sure your group will be full asap!
    How would that even work btw, are the girls on their own computer or sitting with you somehow?

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    You do know how Fantasy Grounds work do you?
    Beside as a dad to one of the girls - I doubt anyone dare to sign up on any other reason on wanting to play.

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    I am in a group that has played through a few sessions of LMoP but the campaign has stalled due to scheduling issues. If we can not get it back on track then I may be interested in trying your campaign. English is the only language I speak and my work schedule is subject to change from week to week so I am not sure I would be a good fit for your group. Let me know when you plan to start if you need another player to join. Good Luck.

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