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    LFG/LFDM Paid or Free Fri, Sat or Sun EST after 7p EST

    ****GAME FOUND ON 9/20****

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: 5E (Forgotten Realms)

    Time Zone: EST
    Day of week and time: Fri, Sat or Sun 7pm
    Frequency: weekly or bi-weekly

    Text or Voice: Voice/Video is fine
    Voice software used: Discord, TeamSpeak etc.
    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50

    I am looking for a 5E weekend game either paid or free. I have a couple years experience with Fantasy Grounds and 5E.
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    I realize this is a couple weeks old, but I have a game on Saturday nights I run if you're still looking. Details below. Let me know if you're interested and/or have any questions.

    Looking for TWO players
    Start Date: This Saturday, September 21, 2019
    FG License: Ultimate; players will only need demo version to play, but note that when Unity comes out, I will be switching to that full time.
    Game System: D&D 5e
    Time Zone: Eastern (Virginia)
    Day: Saturdays, 8pm until at least 11:30; longer if everyone is game and prep is done! If you can’t commit to Saturday nights, please do not respond.
    Experience: I don’t mind if you’re a new player...as long as you’ve got a handle on FantasyGrounds and know how to operate it relatively well. If you’re too green, sorry, we need people that know how it works. Fantasy Grounds College is an outstanding resource for that.
    Communication: Voice on Discord
    Party Makeup: The 5th Level PCs (the mains) are currently a barbarian, paladin, and ranger.
    Game Premise: Dungeon of the Mad Mage with potential for a good deal of homebrew. You’re based in Waterdeep as part of a new adventuring guild. There are already four people in the group, but one looks like he’s leaving, and I’d like to have 5 to balance out if/when others can’t make it. You’d have multiple characters (for reasons I can get into later); a 5th and a 1st level PC in Waterdeep and an additional 1st level PC in Phandalin (extension of the Adventuring Guild).
    Rules: No UA. No power-gaming; that isn’t fun for anyone if I have to consistently alter encounters to give a challenge. Do question the GM (I don’t mind being called out if I’m wrong). I play with random tables for hit locations and expect the players to indicate how they attack/hit. I also use critical hit/fumble tables, and also critical hit/fumble initiative rolls. You’ll be in Waterdeep, and there are laws, so if you’re expecting to fight in the streets, that’s an easy way to get fined, banished, or executed. No party griefing; that will be squashed and result in kicking people out. We’re all here to have fun!
    If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you have any questions, please send me a PM. Looking for best fit. Thanks!

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    Hi, thank you for following up. I did find a group, I appreciate the follow-up. I've made a note in my post. Thanks again.

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