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    Hi there. I bought Fantasy Grounds years ago but never got around to using it properly, so I should be considered a newbie despite my account age I'm hoping to start up a campaign in a little while and there's been some discussions online about the feasibility of combining content from Lost Mines with Dragon of Icespire Peak. Is this something thats feasible with the tools available in FG, assuming of course you've bought both modules? Are you able to customise and mix-and-match elements from separate modules into one campaign?

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    Yes. Both adventures take place in the same general area. Fantasy Grounds allows you to customise just about everything in adventure modules and you can add content of your own, including classes, background, feats, spells, monsters etc etc. You can edit the text of the adventure as well as edit anything else about the adventure including, encounters, monsters, magic items - anything you want to really.
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    As Mr Z says, yes it's all possible.

    You have two approaches, and it really depends upon if you want to re-use your mix/creation at a later time. One is you can simple add both modules to your "play" campaign and make the changes there. The second is you can make a "development" campaign, make your changes there, export it to a module and then open all 3 modules in your play campaign.

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