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    Looking for 1-3 Players - 5th edition SANDBOX style adventure

    WHO - Seeking players to fill in roster for a longtime running campaign, with one shot adventures, starter sets, and printed dnd modules.
    Current members to my campaign have been with me over 18 months, we just finished up some modules and are making new characters
    and replacing lost members, starting a new campaign with lvl 1 characters. Looking for 1-3 players, new players welcome, we make it easy.

    WHEN - Thursday Night sessions 7pm to 10pm Central Standard Time USA, with occasional 8pm start time depending on work.

    WHAT - DND 5E campaign using several adventure modules, both classic dnd modules updated for 5E, and current adventure modules.
    Going for a Sandbox Style campaign where multiple adventures are present, and the party decides what they are going to run based off
    the first few sessions.

    Combat to roleplay is usually 50/50 or 60/40.

    We use Discord for voice chat, and for sharing info between sessions.

    Private message me, or reply here for a invite or more details

    DM Marcus

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    I would be interested. New to FG but long time pencil and paper DnD player. What roles do you need? I'm not very particular about what class/race/etc I play. To me the fun comes from using whatever you have....


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    Hey Marcus,
    I am be very interested in joining your game. I've been playing 5e for about three years now and love the system. I consider myself a good team player and will fill whatever role the party needs.

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    Seems like fun treat them well

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    I'd also be interested in joining if you are still in need of players. Veteran D&D player here. Have a few weeks of experience exploring the Fantasy Grounds software. Purchased the Ultimate license as I plan on running my own games with some online friends, eventually. I am open to playing any role and enjoy filling in that role that no one else wants to play.

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    Thanks everybody that shown interest so far, i have received more requests than i am able to fill. if people drop out i will come back here to fill the slots.
    if you did not receive a invite from me, it was nothing personal, i will invite more people as needed if i have any quitters. thanks to all that posted or messaged me

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