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    Complete new to RP and FG

    Hi there!

    First I have to say: FG looks like the only one usable and nice tool to play via www.

    To me: I am completely new to Roleplaying and Fantasygrounds. OK I played DSA about 15 years ago, but I left because missing other players local. Now I am 33 years old from Germany and played several MMORPGs like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft - now waiting for Lord of the Rings - Online.

    It would be nice to get some answers for my following questions:

    1. I searched this forum, but not found any german FG comunity, links or FG-prepared adventures. Is this tool really unknown to germans?

    2. Is there any website where I can find and download other rulesets?

    More questsions may follow. Thanks for your reading and sorry for my terrible english

    regards Dusty

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    Two native Germans play in a Friday session I run.
    You can purchase additional rulesets from Digital Adventures (just follow the links) but the default d20 ruleset that comes with FG will do perfectly well.

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    Thanks for your info.

    Primary I am looking for a german comunity - for playing adventures in german. I am poorly able to read/write some english, but I fear for playing im a little bit slow.

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    Hi there!

    I don't know if there's a german community out there, from what I've seen so far it's fairly international. Though I think there was a purely french game getting started.

    In the game I'm running I have a native dutch, two native belgians, a brit, and an american (aside from me, but I don't count!). FG runs fairly slow anyways so you have a bit of time to prepare what you're going to type. Not to mention you don't have to be perfect.

    Aside from regular typos that occur in any type of chat, I see all sorts of mixtures of proper english dutchlish and american slang in my games. Not to mention, the more you type it and read it, the better you become.

    Heck...I'm even known to accidently misspell words and write unintelligbly and english is my native language!

    Good luck!
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    I wish that I spoke German as well as you speak English!
    Sed quid custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    Aye - I'd say your English is MORE than passable for playing online with us
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    If you're available Tuesday night (7.30 pm UK time) you are free to join in our game which is aimed at beginners and progressing to a more advanced level over time.

    It is English speaking though, but you might want to try to see if it causes you any problems.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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