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    This was really to start a discussion on the imbalance of the two type bow weapons in game. The crossbow as is really don't serve a viable function past the first 3 levels with out HOUSE RULES or FEATS all Optional. So if your not allowing them not a human and not at 4th level yet the crossbow weapons really cant cut it unless you go with the hand crossbow, which gets an uber benefit of an extra attack with your bonus action. but you could just as easily at level for take weapon MASTER and learn 4 weapons of your choice. who am I kidding if you are proficient with a hand crossbow is crossbow Expert right! if not Level 5 your Cantrips bump in Power so toss the shitty crossbow as the 1d10 evert other round doesn't compare.

    I would like to see WOTC do a redesign in UA but that's not happening. My house rule for Crossbows is to lower the die type but increase it to 2dof each type keep the reload and give crossbow a one higher chance to critical, based on what I have read in historical account of them penetraing the Heavy chain and plate armor of knight and nobility. This is why the Popes issued the Bans on use against christens I only allow it in the crossbow short range though and have not figured out how to code that for F.G.
    But that really doesn't apply to this discussion.

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    I personally would favor 2d4 for Light Crossbow damage and 2d4+2 for Heavy Crossbows. Keeps the damage maximum the same, but gives you a little better validation that a crossbow bolt would penetrate better and cause more damage, potentially. Opens it up for a more useful option for the limitation, making it more of a tactical choice.
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