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    The Adventure Lookup site you mention has a very good set of filters - just what we need here, in fact. I'd also like the filters to be persistent so I could modify my criteria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segin View Post
    More so, the details of the items isn't ideal. Like in CnC, it is hard to tell which adventure belongs as part of a group of adventure path or in what world. Like it might be the second adventure of a three part adventure path set in the world of X, for levels 3-5, but finding any of that information is difficult, and mostly have to search the internet. So if I own the world Z and are looking for adventures set in that world, I have to research the internet before going to the shop. If I want to get the second part of an adventure path, I need to search other places, because its hard to tell from the shop information. Some are edited better than others.

    Still, its not something that can't be overcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by notrealdan View Post
    This isn't specific to Fantasy Grounds, but I find Adventure Lookup very useful for this kind of search. If you find an adventure you like there, then search for it specifically in the FG store or the other usual places like the DMs Guild. Even if you don't find a pre-made FG module, you can always convert it yourself.
    That's what I said. The best way to "solve" the issue is look other places than the FG Store, and find out what you want. Then look for it specifically, as best you can, in the FG store. If you know exactly what you want, you can usually find work arounds that allow you to find it in the FG Store. The only way to fix it to be better, rather than something to overcome, is to add the details of each item. Adventure? Check, CnC? Check, Levels 6-8? Check... etc.
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