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    [programming] character sheet button on CT

    Hey again guys! So I have my AlienRPG ruleset set up so that when the calendar is increased by 5 minutes, stress is reduced by 1 unless a button on the character sheet is toggled on.

    I would like to have that button on the combat tracker as well, for easy access by the GM.

    I’ve played around with button_crosslink but I feel that isn’t something for pc’s. I tried using another number_ct_crosslink much like I did with the health of the character, but that doesn’t appear to want to work.

    Any ideas where I could find a similar code? Or any examples of adding a button?

    You can find my code in my AlienRPG ruleset, in character_main2.xml both in “dateframe” and “stressroll”. I believe I removed the code from the combat tracker before pushing out my last update.
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    For _crosslinks to work you also need to register them in ct_entry.lua (or similar) like this:

    function linkPCFields()
    	local nodeChar = link.getTargetDatabaseNode();
    --	Debug.console("linkPCFields:");
    --	Debug.console(nodeChar);
    	if nodeChar then
    		name.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("name", "string"), true);
    		health.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("health", "number"), false);
    		defence.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("defence", "number"), false);
    		fieldthree.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("wounds", "number"), false);
    		initresult.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("initresult", "number"));
    		atk.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("attacks", "string"), true);
    		fieldfour.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("four", "number"), false);
    		fieldfive.setLink(nodeChar.createChild("five", "number"), false);

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