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    Hi current chronicle needs anoting with spending(5gp on healers kit) and initial gold(2.1 gp) as previous GMs didnt add these total gold is lower than shown by last GM please change inital gold to 19.9 gp to correct error(lower than current amount 22.8 gp)
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    Sure, no problem.

    @everyone: Alright, it looks like we can already start at 5 PM GMT then.

    I should be home in around 30 minutes, the server should then be up shortly afterwards.

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    The server is up (details in the game calendar under GM announcements).

    I'll still be afk most of the time (eating, ...) but if you need something, just write in the chatwindow and I'll respond,

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    Thank you for the game. It was much appreciated. I would be very much interested in playing #1-01 if you were contemplating running it.
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    You're welcome! if you had fun, that's the most important part.

    I will have look on whether I can run #1-01 again some time.

    Chronicle drafts from those I have no e-mail/Discord from attached.

    Let me know whether you spot any errors or want to make any purchases, otherwise I'll sign it,

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    Agreed, awesome game, GM and players for this one! I hope the same group of characters will be available to play the next ones and especially any other adventures related to the confunded (does anybody have a dictionary to see if that word is scrabble legal?) mysteries still unresolved. Then again, we are hunting for a witch in this one, so most likely it is just an urban myth created to keep adventure tourism alive in this mosquito infested backwater of a town. What dupes we have been. I am pretty sure that there is no such thing as real witches. And the whole paper dolls thing is probably just a stunt pulled by some angst-ridden, oragami talented, teen-agers with too much time on their hands. That being said, I really hope the half-elf is still OK. Probably lost and scared somewhere in the forest.

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    Hi, inital GP should be 21.5 please add the following purchases wayfinder boon (2 fame) and Hireling boon (4 fame), though i see the chronicle doesnt have a space for that...../shrug?
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    Alright, I'll update it in a few hours.

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    Vanderel's chronicle attached.

    I'm not entirely sure where I'm supposed to track the expended fame but it should be clear enough.
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    Ultimate Licence Holder - it only took 5 years but I started to GM in FG in 2019

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