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    24h interest check: PFS #1-02: The Mosquito Witch MON September 2nd @ 5.30 PM GMT

    Update: The game is now scheduled.

    Please schedule around 4 1/2 hours for the game. We are all pretty new to the system, so it's likely we'll have to look up some rules. I have also seen this particular scenario go for 5 1/2 hours.

    To clarify: This scenario uses the new PF2 rules and will be run as a Pathfinder Society scenario.

    Character creation and character options for PFS.

    At this point, no Lost Omens backgrounds/archetypes are PFS2-legal.

    If this is your first PFS2 game on this particular character, I will need to know your Paizo Organized Play #, your character #, your faction and your current gold (after character creation). You can either put it in the notes tab or send it to me some other way (see below).

    If you already played this character, please send me your last chroncle sheet so I know the information mentioned above as well as chronicle #, reputation, XP and fame.

    I can have the server up for you to build your character either GMT weeknight evening or before the game.

    If you need a pregen please notify me in advance!

    If you can, please try to send me your character 24 hours before the game so I can review any relevant rules.

    About the scenario:

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).

    Decades ago, witnesses reported a fearsome cryptid outside of the quiet River Kingdoms town of Shimmerford. Dubbed the Mosquito Witch, it was rarely seen since and quickly became a beloved local legend that the town celebrates and promotes to attract visitors. But when recent attacks began savaging livestock and townsfolk alike, many have started believing the Mosquito Witch was real all along. The PCs travel to Shimmerford to unravel the cryptid mystery, but might they just become the witch's next victim?

    Written by Eleanor Ferron.

    Scenario Tags: None

    Technical details:

    We will use Fantasy Grounds (I have an Ultimate license) and Teamspeak.

    Steps before the game:

    Make sure to both apply here as well as in the game calendar, stating which character you'd like to play (including level and class).

    Please make sure your Fantasy Grounds is updated.

    FG alias, Teamspeak server and contact details can be found under GM announcements in the game calendar.
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    I am up for it if the game goes off!

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    Unfotenarly I have already done It but I can replay It for no credit if needed to make for a legal table.(if It works that way in PF2)

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    Alright, in that case I'll schedule it. With three players so far there is however a risk that a player has to drop out.

    Adjusting the first post in a few minutes.

    @Saqcat: Should there be only three players and you can make it, great, otherwise also no problem. Appreciated!

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    yeah up for it
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    One player asked whether it's possible to start 30 minutes earlier in case it runs longer: Would everyone be OK with that?

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    The earlier the better for me.

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    i can start as early as is convenient for the GM

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    Please count me in.

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    Alright, with that 5 players signed up.

    As I'm still waiting on one response regarding the earlier starting time: It is very likely that we'll be able to start at 5 PM GMT but as of now still unclear.

    I should be able to have the server up 30-60 minutes before the game, depending on when I get home and whether it's the earlier or later date.

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