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    LF1P 5e Homebrew Friday evenings, US Eastern

    EDIT: Position is now filled. Thanks!

    We have room for one more player / character. We have only run Session 0, which was introductions, character rolling, and a quick start to the campaign.

    If you are interested in playing, please answer the following:

    • What is your preferred split for combat vs. not-combat (exploration, rp, puzzles)?
    • Can you commit to every other Friday, assuming I don't suck as a DM?
    • Are you willing to use video chat via Discord (no costs) and do you have or will you acquire a webcam to do so?

    FG License: I'll have Ultimate so you won't need anything beyond Demo
    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: US Eastern (currently GMT-4)
    Day of week and time: Friday, 7:00 pm
    If new game, planned start date: Already underway. Next session is 06 Sep.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Every other week, 4-5 hours
    Term: Long-term

    Text or Voice: Voice with video
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Initial thought is about an even split, but can flex based upon setting selected & player preference.
    Number of Players in game & needed: Ideal size is 4-5. One more makes 5.
    Character starting level & equipment: We're still first level.
    Character restrictions: Talk to the DM for details.

    Details of your scenario:

    5e / High-Magic Fantasy

    The world and magic are young. Gods walk among mortals. The people of the world have yet to face a challenge beyond their own greed and pettiness, but that’s all about to change. Your characters will become the legends all future legends strive to emulate.

    If they don’t destroy the world first.

    Link to Gamecalendar page: I'll figure out how to create one of these at some point. Objective is to start 30 Aug with Session 0 (intros & character rolling), do Session 1 (first adventure) 06 Sep, then every other week from there. If we can't do Session 0 until 06 Sep, then we go straight to the every other week cadence.
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    I am interested in the group.

    I like an even split between RP and combat. I enjoy RP within combat and combat that is RP too.
    I would like to think I am creative, and thoughtful around the table. I enjoy most campaigns I have run or played - as they all have their own flavor and the game is just fun to play.
    I love exploring and solving challenges trying to come at a solution from creative angles.
    I can commit to the play schedule quite easily, as this is the preferable schedule for me.
    I have discord and a webcam - so I am good to go for that.
    I am willing to fill whatever the group may be lacking. I have some ideas for a cleric, barbarian, and rogue.

    Let me know.

    Lost nirvana

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    And we're full for now, thanks!

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