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    FG update 9/8 Script error, manager_string.lua 81: attempt to get length of local 'se

    Edit Seems fixed after tweaking some code for now, could someone delete or close this thread?

    My friends and I have been working and playing on a heavily modified 4E ruleset and since the recent update, we have been receiving the following error.

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_string.lua"]:81: attempt to get length of local 'set' (a nil value)

    We receive this error after using most effects, not sure why some and not others or even why some characters and not others at times, our short term fix is to take the character out of the combat tracker and readd them, fixes the issue every time, but it does resurface as an issue eventually.

    EDIT: I figured more of what is triggering the error, it seems anytime there is a preexisting effect on a character in the combat tracker and another effect is trying to be added to the list, that it causes the error. That it seems to be unable to hold more than one effect per character on the combat tracker.

    EDIT2: Ok I changed up some code and the issue seems to have gone away now, I leave this post open till Friday to make sure nothing else comes up. The problem down below about portraits disappearing has been an issue for a while that I see in all rulesets that is still an issue but a minor issue at best.

    While I am here, a minor bug that happened like 4 or so updates ago, when reloading the game to test code, the character portraits will vanish, but will appear when I launch a new game session.
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    On further testing it seems the issue has gone away entirely, this is possibly entirely an error on my end, though I am extremely surprised I didn't run into this error a day or two ago before I updated Fantasy Grounds. Could someone one close or delete this thread?

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