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Thread: FG Con 15

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    Trust me, I know. I've been fighting for this to be fixed. Especially since PF2 products still refer to for info on PFS, while that leads to the PFS1 site.

    Sadly, the OP team have decided there will not be an official PDF for PFS2, and the incredibly outdated, and poorly maintained website is the only source. It's funny that they keep claiming lack of time as a reason for the slow update, yet have refused help from loads of active and reputable people.

    @Damned. I'm afraid sign ups for this weekend will be mostly closed. I know mine are. I will send a pm to Andi to see if I can get my regular sessions for this month added to the event as there simply were to few tables available. We sometimes do this in the Netherlands apparently, but not sure how close to the event it has to be.

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