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    3.5 Elemental type?

    Hello, it's me! The man harassed by issues (and I guess you people will soon think about burning me on a stake)

    Having recovered most of my campaign, I resumed helping my player to make his new character (a spirit shaman), so I was there scripting its ability "Blessing of the spirits" (basically protection from evil against elementals, fey and incorporeal undead).

    so I went to work on
    Blessing of the Spirits; IFT: TYPE (undead); IFT: TYPE (incorporeal); AC: 2 deflection; SAVE: 2 resistance [it works]
    Blessing of the Spirits; IFT: TYPE (fey); AC: 2 deflection; SAVE: 2 resistance [it works]
    Blessing of the Spirits; IFT: TYPE (elemental); AC: 2 deflection; SAVE: 2 resistance though, doesn't work.

    The problem as I can see is not a mistake in the scripting or the IFT thing, but that "Elemental" type seems not-existing: by opening the NPC panel and browsing, I noticed this:


    the "elemental" type is missing altogether.

    Question is: is it something on my side, or not? (if it' s on my side, I know I have to tinker around. If it's a version bug, I know any tinkering I do wouldn't help but since my programming sucks, in this case I won't risk damaging anything XD)

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    There is no Elemental type in Pathfinder (but there is in 3.5E). Elemental is a subtype in Pathfinder. However, subtypes should be checked by the TYPE operator for IF effect clauses.

    What does the target NPC Type field look like? That's what is used to determine whether the type/subtype of the target matches.


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    This is it (also, it is 3.5 i'm using, not Pathfinder)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Asgurgolas View Post
    This is it (also, it is 3.5 i'm using, not Pathfinder)
    Notice your type field for your NPC is not "Elemental" it is "Small Elemental" given how particular computers are, I suspect that is your problem. BUT, I haven't checked that so I could be wrong It could also be capitalization.

    If you look at the 3.5E Effects Wiki page and browse down to "creature type" you will see the following are the acceptable types;
    [creature type] = aberration, animal, construct, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze, outsider, plant, undead, vermin, air, angel, aquatic, archon, augmented, chaotic, cold, demon, devil, earth, evil, extraplanar, fire, good, incorporeal, lawful, living construct, native, psionic, shapechanger, swarm, water, dwarf, elf, gnoll, gnome, goblinoid, halfling, human, orc, reptilian
    I don't know if the Wiki is out of date or if Moon was mistaken, as I don't see a type of "elemental" listed there.
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    The issue is because "Elemental" creature type was missing from 3.5E ruleset. It will be fixed in v3.3.9; which is in the Test channel. It may not be released for many weeks yet, but the fix is in process.


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    Alright, it was mainly to be aware if there was something wrong on my part or not. Thank you ^^

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