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    LF 2 players, AD&D 2nd Edition group, Friday evenings 8pm-12am UTC+1 (UK)

    Our friendly, story and role-play focused group is looking for some new blood to join us in Barovia as we start playing Tracy and Laura Hickman's classic i6 Ravenloft.

    Our long-term campaign (since July 2018) is set in Dark Sun but we've been taking some time off from the desolate wastes of Athas to indulge in some classic AD&D adventures.

    We have a Discord channel but we're currently using Mumble for voice chat (it's free, and full instructions will be provided). Experience with AD&D 2nd Edition isn't necessary although I should point out that it's less forgiving than later versions of D&D.

    DM has FG Ultimate so free accounts are welcome!
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    Hi. I've read and looked at bunch of ad&d e2 stuff and I'm making a game based on it. I'd be interested in experiencing a "genuine" 2e game and my husband is sorta interested too.

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    Hey Naughty Sparkle! Thanks for your interest - I've sent you a Discord invite. Best, Aegis.

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    On the off chance that you’re still looking, I’m an experienced role player with some background in screen acting, was a huge fan of Weis and Hickman growing up and think I’d be a great addition to the group!
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